Monday, October 1, 2012

Well Worthy.... Would you please give?

I've never posted anything like this before, but I must share this opportunity with you..... even though I only have a minute and it'll be a brief sweet post today!  (More to the story and more photos soon...)

Matt and I are going to run on November 11 (a 5k for me and a half marathon for him)  as a fundraiser for As Our Own.  This organization works in India to provide rescue, aftercare and preventive care for young girls who are vulnerable to abuse and trafficking in India's sex industry.  The way they love and demonstrate the Gospel of Christ is *Beautiful*.

If you're interested... will you please visit my race page at As Our Own to read about Premila, the sweet 14 year-old girl we're running for, and consider donating to our fundraising effort? 

Here's the link friends!

You can give right there.    I haven't raised anything yet....  sigh.... but man, I'd be so grateful to start making my way towards our fundraising goal of $750 with your help!  (Of course, we'll be donating to it too but we haven't even done that yet!)  The money donated goes 100% to As Our Own for their efforts of love and serve these precious, needy girls.

Thanks friends!  We're so grateful to get to do this together with you for these precious girls and for the Lord!

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  1. This is so beautiful! I almost fell over when I saw "Baldwin Park" as I was thinking pasadena area, but alas, you are still a ways away, but we are praying for a possible sweet reunion my dear friend...Love you!!