Wednesday, October 24, 2012


( mama gasped too many times... it was pretty high for this little guy!)

We had another wonderful visit in N Georgia with the Millers.  What a gift that these friends have opened their home as a retreat/ bed-n-breakfast place for overseas workers to come to be refreshed.  We Were!

And too, our kids have been swinging really well lately with all the changes that keep flying at them.  We have had some minor tummy troubles and definite (mama) grumpiness that I'm blaming our crazy changing life for, but the hardest of our moving season is coming to an end.  We get to stay with two more dear friends in the next 2.5 weeks- some truly spectacular people that we love dearly-  and then we'll be in just 4 more places for the last 2 months in the states.  In the end it will be 22 moves in 5 months.  Oi!....  I don't think we'll be doing this quite the same again but the Lord is giving us grace to make it.... and it has been sweet.

Thank you Lord!  Thank you again dear Millers!

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