Thursday, November 10, 2016

a time of humbling

Hard things for our homeland....

We have a new president who is known for his hatred and arrogance and lies...

But may this be a new season in the Church:  a time to take up the basin and the towel, to humbly serve, to lay ourselves down, and may we bow down low to weep and repent and pray, to return with trembling to the Word of God, and may we be known- as we should be all along- for His love changing us and our communities and this dark world.  We have a long way to go to bless this hurting nation.

Reminds me of a truth from history:  that the church of God is never stronger or shining brighter, pure-er than when she is an oppressed minority.   I don't feel us strong, bright or pure at all right now. God have mercy, have mercy on us and on our land.


I posted this on Facebook and I really wanted to go back and make just one little edit but it seems like that's not a possibility on Facebook (reason #2,811 to avoid Facebook)... so here's what I really want to put down on the record:
Lessons for the kids on the morning of Nov 8: There was no good choice (between the big two) yesterday and I would have grieved if she won too, but, if ever you need to see that popular is not always good or right, here it is. Apparently “strong” is the new “smart”, the arrogant bully wins, and no amount of dishonor can discredit a guy anymore.  But for our crew, that’s not how we vote or how we aim to live. We love and follow One who is truth and never lies, who poured his life out in love and compassion, and recognized the dignity in each soul, the One who welcomed little children and all who are weary and weak, broken and needy. Praying now for repentance and humility, for eyes to see our need for TRUTH- for the church, for America, and for our new president and VP.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

trickle treat

So there were just a tiny bit excited for their first time to Trick or Treat!  But, good thing we went over what they were supposed to say and do to get the goods, because Marian was entirely ready to smile big and hold out her bag saying "Trickle Treat!"

The dear friends we are living with (yep, you should be thinking of insane generosity and uber kindness to invite our crew into their home for 3.5 months!!)  not only loaned me their camera when mine was broken, but also let Marian dress up in this Dorothy costume.  May decided she would rather be her favorite American girl, Samantha, but whoever she was, she was cute and she was ec-sta-tic to be dressed up and hauling home c a n d y like never before.  

John didn't want to get dressed up and he didn't want his photo taken....

(The pink socks were for Oct- Breast Cancer Awareness.)
Isaiah wasn't interested in dressing up as anything, until I suggested he just wear his little league uniform and he thought was a good plan.  (Pictures of little league coming soon- I just got a new camera this weekend!!).  Vivi had a ballet recital- that she was in tears behind the stage for, to nervous to get on stage with her class- but at least he adorable tutu made a good costume too!  Our friends loaned her the hat that crowned this little miss into one spectacularly sweet "princess fairy ballerina".  

And John....  he didn't want to dress up.  He stayed in his school clothes even when I suggested that he might not get any candy if he didn't get dressed up.   He held his ground... until he saw how fun it was to knock on doors, with mom and dad just a few steps behind him, and fill up on sweets.  I handed him the bag I brought along for him and told him "just tell them that you dressed up as John." And Matt corrected me.  "No- just say 'I work at Target.'" John's costume got the most joy at every house we went to that night.   

We got to walk the neighborhood with some very dear friends...  little Miss Natalie was a stunning butterfly.  And her cool mama snapped this on her phone when my camera battery was dead.  #sothankful!