Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Lynn~ Happy Birthday Marian!

August 26- almost two weeks early. It is absolutely beyond my dreams to think that of all the days of the year, that God would arrange for our baby to be delivered on my mom's birthday, and that our baby would be a girl who could have her name... Marian Lynn. We are amazed and joyously grateful.

Not only does she have her grandma's birthday, she positively has her grandma's hands. When my mom went to be with the Lord, I often pictured, and still often miss her hands, her gestures, her elegant fingers. I don't have any pictures of how beautiful her hands were- only in my head and in my heart can I remember her hands. But now we have a living picture of my mom's elegant hands right on my very own daughter. Simply beautiful.

As for Isaiah, he is definitely warming up to his new role as big brother. He gets very concerned when he hears his little sister crying and has taken the initiative several times now to give her a kiss. Marian is one amazingly loved little girl.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the beginning of the end

I'm so grateful that God gives us seasons. As winter neared its end I was eagerly looking forward to summer... and now I'm already ready for an end to this heat! Our local friends, when they ask when our baby is due, seem to all think that the beginning of Sept is a great time to sheng haizi (give birth) because it will be so much cooler then. That's not how I remember last year, but oh well.... Hot or not, I am super excited to meet this little one!

The past month has been very tiring... but now that we've moved and are feeling settled in our new apartment, our pace is evening out a bit and we're able to focus more on studies again. It took till about week 35 of this pregnancy for us to actually come up with a plan for having Isaiah watched while we trek out to the hospital (across town.) Early into 36 weeks, we finally agreed on names- both in English and the local language, for both a boy or girl. Now, as we near the end of August (actually the day this is posted is Aug 23, not 14), I'm approaching 38 weeks... I am- and we are- so incredibly eager to meet this little baby! Only about two weeks to go until our due date, but there there would only be joy if we get to meet this precious one early!