Thursday, June 21, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blue Milestone

Since I was a kid, I've always imagined numbers as certain colors. 3 is blue - so now that I've crossed into the thirties (yesterday I joined my husband who's already been there for a few months) I consider myself as beginning a beautifully blue decade. I know that's totally pointless to share with anyone who doesn't think of numbers this way- but regardless of that, 30 is an objective reality.... and it feels like a big one. Feels like I should be much more grown up by now!

My husband celebrated an entire birthday weekend with me. It was a fantastic weekend.... and after all of my sweet little gifts and surprises for two days straight- my amazing man greeted me Monday morning with "Happy Birthday in America!"

It feels pretty special to be nearing 7.5 months pregnant with our second child on my thirtieth birthday. We are super looking forward to "K2's" arrival at the beginning of Sept.

A great new trick

Isaiah is quite a little engineer. Daily, his papa asks him for an evaluation of the effectiveness/ user friendliness of some item in our home- the new fan, the vacuum cleaner, a remote control. He loves giving his full attention to studying how things work. We were outdoors recently and he found an interesting door knob to yonk on for a while. I told him "turn it down, Isaiah". He stopped, looked up at me, and then turned himself around like a regular hokey pokey.

Here is a video of Isaiah's new moonwalking/ "walk backwards" trick that he's really excited about.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Family Journey

We had a great time visiting friends of ours who live way outside the capital city we currently call home. The first day of traveling we had a long layover in a new airport where Isaiah was at his obsessive best- running for nearly an hour between four escalators that lined one side of the terminal where we waited for our flight. He made several new friends there that were delighted to take him up and down and run (literally) between these four pieces of heaven.

Seeing our dear friends was such a joy for us! And their town is magnificent- desert, surrounded by fantastic mountains, filled with fruit, heat and dust, and inhabited by a most endearing people.
It was a great time for us- to take a tiny break from language study and get out of the big city. We're also glad to be challenged to pick up the pace- even more!- with our language study so we can someday soon be ready to live outside the capital (where English helpers abound!).

Theses last photos were taken by a friend there, in a cooler season. During our short visit, I failed to get my camera out to take many good photos of the local people that are so beautiful! I'm sure going to need to learn to travel well (and still take good photos) while pushing/chasing/ feeding kids- being that we'll have two soon :)!