Sunday, April 27, 2008

wacky bat play

Some fun photos of our sweet little princess and our Going-Peepee-On-The-Potty BIG BOY! We are so proud.... and sooo grateful he's learning so well!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I just came across a great blog- by David "Gunner" Gunderson- with some excellent entries. One post, a poem "Gain", was written as a gift to the friends that attended his wedding. It's lengthy, but well worth it's own moment, and well worth sharing.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

fire truck

These days, one of the songs we listen to most often is "Fire Truck"- a cute book whose words are read aloud in a fun little tune. One of Isaiah's favorite parts is about the hose and he's recently become pretty obsessed with water hoses whenever we see one when we're out (convenient, b/c we never see fire trucks around here). We're really hoping that this enthusiasm carries over to potty training- which commences next weekend (please pray!). Isaiah's interest seemed to perk up a little bit today when I mentioned that he had his own little hose he could shoot- if he'll do it in the potty!

april outings

The weather is turning nice here and it's a wonderful cheer to our hearts to get to be outside. We made it to one of our favorite spots in the city last weekend and this afternoon we enjoyed a new park with some dear friends of ours here.

Isaiah was completely enamored by these bubbles!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Army Crawl?

Marian is on the very edge of crawling and takes great joy in rocking full force on her hands and knees and in doing some pretty good-looking push-ups that, as far as I can tell, would make the army proud! She is very mobile and she travels some good distances, though I don't know what to call her method of rolling scootching movement.... but it's cute!

T is for Water "Tong"

Thanks Greg Shushu and Auntie Heather for the fantastic bat (and the other dozen fun gifts!) you sent for Isaiah's second birthday. The bat is just the perfect size for Isaiah to swing at the T that his papa set up for him in the living room. I'm grateful the balls are very light weight as everything in the living room is within range for this future home run hitter!

Here are a few extra shots of our two sweeties together.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

praying for you Beth

Jim B, who we loved along with so very many people whose lives he blessed, will be dearly missed. He went to meet the Lord that he loved on Monday, March 31, after a sudden heart attack while playing basketball during his lunch break. Our hearts are breaking, aching for your loss Beth. And still, our hearts are settled with peace- the peace we are praying for you to be solidly surrounded and supported and strengthened by- as we have solid confidence of Jim's joy in Jesus' presence now.

We will miss you Jim and we are praying for you and grieving with you dear Beth.

Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense
by Luise Henriette of Brandenburg

Jesus Christ, my sure Defense
And my Savior ever liveth
Knowing this, my confidence
Rests upon the hope he giveth
Though the night of death be fraught
Still with many an anxious thought

Jesus, my Redeemer lives
I, too, unto life shall awaken
Endless joy my Savior gives
Shall my courage then be shaken?
Shall I fear, or could the Head
Rise and leave His members dead?

Nay, too closely I am bound
Unto Him by hope forever
By His grace the Rock's been found
Grasped it, and will leave it never
Even death cannot now part
From it's Lord, the trusting heart

Laugh to scorn the gloomy grave
And at death no longer tremble
He, the Lord, who came to save
Will at last His own assemble
They will go their Lord to meet
Treading death beneath their feet