Learning Links

A little collection of links for our kids to enjoy on a rainy day...for sparking new dreams and inspiration and ambition and to lead us in prayer for and exploring God's world.  

I plan on staying close by as the kids check these sites as undesired stuff can too easily pop up even here.  

In Progress Here.... hoping to get these links all loaded and updated soon!

skills, handicrafts and generally cool stuff

just the tip-top of the iceberg here...

Thinkr  (we've watched a few of these excellent young prodigy videos... Kelvin and Brooke are favorites!)

Emily Bear on piano

The Piano Guys are a must

Tim Hawkins.... so many good ones!

CHESS ....  So Many   Great Links  to Enjoy!

To learn the art of wrestling....  (needful for K family fun nights)

Yo-Yo World Champion

Rubiks Cube Champions

If you ever thought Jump Rope was boring?  (you were wrong)

our most mesmerizing gymnastics routine:  Ribbon (Anna Bessanova)
A little handstand workout and tutorial for future tumblers
Spellbound Gymnasts

Learn to Knit or Crochet

Embroidery Basics....  and beyond


The Tiny House Movement

Build Your Own Furniture

a 9 part cartoon of Pilgrim's Progress



Kiva... and small enterprise loans

Moving Works... excellent, thought-provoking short films 

Inner City Ministries

 Pregnancy Hope ~ House of Hope ~ As Our Own

The Bible Project

Tim Keller on ministry in the city

International Justice Mission

West China Prayer Video on Vimeo

L' Abri ...  ministry founded by Francis Schaeffer  (Some great resources here)

Ravi Zacharias...  sweet intellectually sound thoughts here


Two Tunics

Beautifully done...  The Lord's Prayer in Chinese

As Our Own

Living Water, Interational

The Traveling Team...  so much inspiration here!  

From Charles Spurgeon
From Oswald Chambers
From John Piper
We Love The Bible Project....  fantastic teaching videos on the Bible

Why not play beauty and truth in our minds continually?
Audrey Assad
Christa Wells
Reach Records
More than Rubies
Fernando Ortega
Andrew Peterson
Matt Redman
Sovereign Grace

Making Music Fun... our favorite site for free piano music

Piano Marvel...  Please use our little link to subscribe to this great "piano teacher" & we'll get a discount on our monthly subscription.  That would sure be fun!

I have a few other favorite recipe sites, but recently I've decided it's valuable to learn from truly trained chefs and not just hobbyists... so here's some of the pros.

Chef Todd Mohr, (fun!) gourmet cooking classes for free
Baking Basics... Pastry Chef Online
Italian & please more, Italian

Boston Globe's Big Picture
Pray for the World!  Lausanne.... great articles and prayer guides.
Pray for unreached people of the world at Joshua Project
A Beautiful Video of our God's Creations

God-exalting words from David Gunner Gunderson at Raw Christianity and from Kevin Hartnett.
Some great links to printable poetry lists.  
Poetry Foundation 

Spoken Word artists: Propoganda,  Odd Thomas, David Bowden, Amena Brown


40 Maps that will Help You Make Sense of the World
We love Owl and Mouse Geography Puzzles!
National Geographic Education


more photos...  spectacular zoo shots!  astronomy pictures!

Cool learning for anatomy students (may need parent help)  

Wilderness Survival

The Science of Baseball


Clouds... the beautiful beauty above us.  Let's be sky gazers!

a helpful multiplication table
The Art of Problem Solving... excellent math textbooks for 2nd- 5th and beyond (with free video helps and online classes available)

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  1. If you need some other materials for teaches your children. Saxon Homeschool Math is a good one. Click n read and Study Dog is also very good for phonics skills. I use these for my students. God's blessing to you all. Karen Nelson