Friday, October 23, 2009

no more Mr. Nice Guy

No more? No way... just this one shot. Actually, this boy is super sweet and enjoyable. We are absolutely spoiled to have such an easy, delightful baby. What a gracious gift from God for this traveling season for our family... and far beyond that. Children are such a great blessing from God.

Recently, I've been reading a bit and thinking over and discussing with some godly friends the topic of children.... and specifically, having lots of them. I don't know how many we'll end up aiming to have, but I know that each one of them is a privilege to know, to train, to raise up to know and love the Lord.

So often I think it's easy to think of "blessings" from God as being all the easy comfy things of this world, but God has said these little treasures are straight from him and are good gifts.... We glady agree,
with a tired, but still joyful "Amen!"

Thank you Lord for these three blessings in our lives.

more Georgia

bubbles in Georgia

We so enjoyed a few days of R & R in the woods with D & K M.
Isaiah and Marian LOVED these bubble sessions with you guys. Thank you friends!

into deep waters

When we landed in Florida a few weeks ago, we knew that swimming lessons for our kids would be a high priority. The dear friends we got to stay with have this beautiful pool in their backyard so it was the perfect motivation and opportunity. Isaiah and Marian got in on a class through the local Parks and Recreation Department and got to swim with their little buddy Jonathan. By the end of three lessons, and with some extra encouragment from his patient, loving Dad, Isaiah was finally willing to jump in. Such a thrill for us to see him enjoy the water so much and with such success... and then, of course, he didn't want to stop!