Favorite Sites:  sites we read and sermons we love

Favorite Recipes:
  • Market to Meal.  Especially for overseas friends with limited groceries available!
  • Brownies for Dinner.  Her taste is mine.... my very favorite chocolate mint cookies!
  • 101cookbooks.  Beautiful and Delicious but sometimes too tricky for me...  or ingredients I'll probably never see this side of the pond.  
  • Joy the Baker.  Yummy and pretty (and overly wordy sometimes)
  • Two Peas & Their Pod.  Some interesting ideas.
  • Eating Well.  Too many adds, but a huge selection of healthy- yummy everything
  • Mandy Eats.  Nice balance between healthy and doable.
  • Lemons & Basil.  This girl is just so cute to hear from... with such fresh & delicious ideas!
  • Minimalist Baker.  Black bean vegan brownies I must try soon.
  • Once Upon a Chef.  She has won my loyalty forever with the dessert my dad and family all loved...topped with vanilla ice cream, of course.  It doesn't get better than Chocolate Chip Pecan Blondies.  

  • Somewhere along the way I heard the challenge that serious cooks (and culinary students- or wannabes like me!) need to pay more attention to trained chef's voices online rather than tuning into too many home cooks.  2016 has started off with a fun little kick to learn not just good recipes but the how-to of better cooking.... so here's a few of my new fav.s:
  • The Reluctant Gourmet.  All those basic lessons on how to cook?  Revolutinizing my fun and results from the kitchen!  I'm grateful for this one!
  • Jenni Field's Pastry Chef Online.  And she's a Winter Park, FL girl!  Super loving her educate-the-amateurs approach to sharing.   Again...  so fun to learn what I can of technique and tips here.  

Favorite I-pad Apps:  (for the ipad that was gifted to us by a very favorite friend!)
  • Fighter Verse.  5 star.  Super fun to listen to a song for every memory verse plus the quizzes where our kids practice some simple typing.
  • English Standard Version Bible.  Love listening in the morning before anything else.
  • Pepperplate.  Fun to keep track of recipes from all over the web and access them offline.  I do need to figure out how to organize it though!
  • Fantastic Guide to Educational Apps....Check all the lists Here!
  • Ne wCity Catechism.  Richness beyond words to get these words planted deep in the soul of our family.
Favorite Kid Apps:
  • Teach Me (Kindergarten/ 2nd grade/ wherever you're at).  Look for the little mouse teacher.  
  • Starfall....  where would we be without starfall?
  • Bugs-n-Buttons (17 fun games + 1 of the very best counting learning games for preschoolers)
  • Learn the Orchestra
  • Four in a Row (just like Connect Four)
  • Learn to Read with Homer.  The happiest reading lessons....  sweet gift
  • Toca Builders...  we got it when it was free, but it's probably still worth it, especially for Lego lovers!

Random Favorites:

Favorite Homeschool / Education sites 
(perhaps there's more on our homeschool blog too, in case I've updated that recently!)

We use Tapestry of Grace as our homeschool curriculum for humanities!  I love the Charlotte Mason/ Classical flare, the heaps of reading, and the super solid reformed Christian back bone to this.

Writing with Ease.  So grateful for LVH who recommended this one for the light-grammar, heavy excellent English.  I'm excited to have jumped on the homeschool bandwagon at a time when all these resources are available.   We start using level 2 of WWE and plan to go through the upper series, Writing with Skill too.  Love this!  

CM 20 Principles

The Seven Daily Rungs.  Exquisite pleasure to climb this ladder and to lead our kids to climb this 
daily way. 

Charlotte Mason Method Homeschooling - Simply Charlotte Mason

Ambleside Online

Handbook of Nature Study

K12 Reader

Kidzone Cursive.  I found it to work better than the pieces of Cursive First that I bought... and this one is free.

Classic Reading Primers.  Online for free.... mostly very sweet stuff.

Progressive Phonics.  Very helpful for our reluctant reader!... and her brother!