Wednesday, October 24, 2012


When we arrived in Columbia Saturday afternoon Uncle Greg and Eli were out at the street to greet us.   Heather stepped out onto the front porch and greeted us "Hey... I feel like we're normal people, getting to see family twice in a month."  So cute, so tough, so true...

We had so much fun together in our  (approximately) 42.377 hours with this crew.  What a joy they are!  Sadly, my camera just seemed to out of reach for a few of our fun things (probably related to my mini-breakdown Sunday morning about how many things we've left scattered across the states we've passed through, how many of my needed possessions I'm missing, and how far we are from any normal routine for our family life!).  At last I got out the Nikon in time for our last park run...

(I'm pretty sure this kiss would pass for both "unforeseen" and "sloppy wet".... what a silly song!
 Thanks for educating us, Greg. )
we love this beautiful family... and in our eyes there are four to love
sweet sillies

Auntie Heather and Da Boys

In the middle of such joy and silly laughter and good food and fantastic story read alouds, Heather and I  got to look through the beautiful album and memory chest she made for Maelee, their firstborn, the treasured daughter that died at 38 weeks gestation.  This month was my first time to see Grether since Maelee went to be with Jesus and right when I laid eyes on them, just as I was meeting Eli for the first time, I missed her.  She should have been there.  Heather was carrying Maelee inside her last time we were together.

The grief still strikes deep.

Thank you for sharing your life and your joy and even your grief with us, Grether.  It is truly, radically amazing to see you grow and grieve and give to others the HOPE you have because of Christ and the comfort you have recieved from him even in the midst of such sorrow.  I hate grief, but its our reality in this fallen, will-be-redeemed world, and it felt so healthy to get to grieve with you.  Thank you.

What a good visit with you guys.  We love you so terribly, incredibly, wonderfully much!

To read more about Maelee, you can check posts from our blog in April (through summer) 2010 or at .


  1. We love you so terribly, incredibly, wonderfully much, too!

  2. Oh Jill-bug! SOOOO lovely to see your professional-quality photos here with all those fall colors and beautiful kiddos! Just wish you were in more of them ;) We miss you back here. And know about the weariness with all the beds and tears that come with that sometimes - but don't know it with 4 children! We moved 14 times in our first few months in Oz before getting a good house sitting gig. REMEMBERING YOU! Please please do get needed rest. Let the people come to you at open houses, if that helps. Let us know any time how to lift you up! Don't feel obligated to reply.

  3. A sweet post, Jill. Thanks for sharing. Praying for you in all this chaotic travel.