Wednesday, October 17, 2012

thankful (our southern tour)

We are thankful beyond words for the past seven weeks or so that we've been in the states.  Each stop has been fantastically sweet and travels smooth.  Crazy grace.  We've reconnected with most of our favorite Americans now and we've loved being in the multi-colored outdoors.  Our family has moved thirteen times and that's made us all pretty weary but we're all So. Incredibly. Glad. to have these friends and these great places to enjoy with them.

I'm at a total loss to figure out how to adequately thank the friends who have given us a van to drive and a home in the woods for a week, the brother who took off work- the precious Grether clan splurging to create joy of every kind with us, the friends who drove days to be with us in the mountains, the friends who hosted us just 6 weeks after their 6th baby joined them.  We are crazy blessed by the Lord's gift to us of YOU.

such a fun group of kiddo friends (and their cool moms and dads) joined us in NC!
yarn diving sock puppets off the top indoor balcony made for hours of fun for this little crew

almost the ten of them... the littlest was still in mama's sling
Today we're in a new place, enjoying a swing made of dreams and 30ft of rope and the kids are flying on it through the trees.... and have I mentioned the leaves have been changing their colors while they've followed us around the country?  We started together in North Dakota, then down to South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennesse and now in north Georgia.    In each place we've arrived, we've seen more greens and yellow and by the time we've gone....  Such Beauty!

I wrote this 4-5 days ago but I never could get pictures to load so now I'm posting it back to that date.... The real "Today" has us enjoying South Carolina again with Grether- our favorite uncle Greg, Auntie Heather, and sweet little cousin Eli.   With two photo loving mamas here there's bound to be another crazy photo post for you soon, Grandma!  

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  1. What an absolute treat to be able to enjoy the outdoors with those you love!! He is so good to Lavish such great memories on us so freely! Bless you guys!