Monday, October 29, 2012

Baldwin {for runners and readers}

In just about two weeks Matt and I will take off at the starting line in the Baldwin Park races (him a half marathon and me a 5k).  We're excited and also fairly confident that we just weren't built to be runners.  The joy in this for us right now is getting all our morning practice runs and the race on Nov 11 here in Central Florida: absolutely beautiful, mild fall.    The moon was glowing fantastically and there were stars shining over me at 7am this morning!  Such a privilege to run in this beauty!

Plus, add the great joy and honor of running for Premila and having this running as a lesson compelling me to wear myself out well.   We're still raising money for  As Our Own with this run.   If you'd like to donate for Premila, the 14 year-old girl we're pledging our run-funds towards, please check here.  There will be no more mentioning this fundraiser here at the blog....  this is your last reminder, friends!  :)

In our city home in China, we rarely ever see a star.  This time to be in creation, to think, to pray, to take in spiritual nourishment (the moonlight, magnificent creation, or a sermon on the ipod) is such a gift.  We are so grateful.  Come January, I'll be back to my silly exercises with the kiddos in the living room (and there's a heap of joy in that too.)

From Ambleside Online, I came across the Baldwin Project, whose slogan is "Bringing Yesterday's Classics to Today's Children."  We've loved the reading primer by Harriet Treadwell (came in super handy when the Veritas Press primers I ordered were several grade levels above what I expected!)  and also the fantastic stories (read with a tiny bit of mama censoring) in In Story-land.  This site is another fantastic find for readers overseas and everyone interesested in classic literature.  I'm so excited about this resource for our family!    

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