Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The past few weeks have been packed full of joy and full of changes, moving and traveling.  There's been a good mix of weariness with our gladness.   Isaiah especially has had a hard time with all the different beds he's slept in and all the change that marks every new day.  I've been physically worn down and I've battled a bit with the same thing as my boy:  I would love to just stay put for more than a handful of days please!

Despite the bit of weariness, these days have been deeply marked with joy.  This week I'm writing from the most beautiful woody mountain scene I could imagine.... North Carolina at it's early autumn best.    This home to share with friends and family and to fill up with warmth and good food and puppet shows and hide and seek and tromps through the wet grass Joy....  Such joy
There's really too much to record from the past few weeks....  precious visits with friends, The Four Family Reunion, meeting Great Grandparents (3 in ND!),  reconnecting with treasured friends in Orlando, meeting Eli.....  and I'll try to pick up there with a few pictures (mostly for you Grandma!  Here you go....).

the boys at the elephants (for Eli!) 

at the zoo in Columbia... we love the bird cage!
the giraffes were so fun to feed... (I think this was the most interest Vivi showed the giraffes but they were May's favorite by far!)
a meal together in this beautiful mountain home


  1. Oh such a sweet reunion between all of you! And yes, Grandma/NaiNai has been so excited to see any pictures and these are real treasures. Thanks for taking time to share them and I pray you are all getting some much needed R and R. Love to all

  2. Great picture, Jill! How fun for you to all get to meet Eli! I am sure that was a sweet time. :) Praying for you as you travel so much. So much change and random schedule can be so hard after a while. God's grace is sufficient. :)