Friday, September 28, 2012

God of our fathers....

As we pulled into this sweet town of Buffalo, ND two days ago,  Andrew Peterson sang to us "God of our fathers, please be the God of our children too."  The whole CD is treasureful but that line just couldn't be more perfect for the moment we arrived in this place.  

(in the treehouse at the next-door neighbors' place)

God of our fathers and mothers, of Grands and Great Grandparents....  continue your kind and merciful pursuit in the lives of our children like you have in their lives.  

 Yes, Lord.  
(at the trampoline at the neighbor's across the way)

The "sit down game" was the favorite of our big three, the best way for them to not crash into each other and it was really all that John could take for bounce height....  oh their squeals of joy in the hours here....  Such Gift.  
(in the center of the "happy place" home)
No visit to Buffalo would be complete without something baked delicious.... and it's always best baked together.  I love Grandma Marian's line about cooking with little ones:  "It's ok if it isn't perfect.  We don't have to take this batch to the fair."

We took a walk around town and saw their church (below) and another tiny church in town where Grandma plays the organ once a month.  May these great songs be lived true in our lives!

May your love continue to shine bright (and may ours carry the same flame!)  A flame of selfless love for Him and for each other and for your community....  all the more evidence of God's unrelenting grace....  59 years now...

We love you so much Great Grandpa Harold and Great Grandma Marian!
Thank you for these days with you!


  1. is there any place more beautiful? perhaps because it's home to so many that I love and miss dearly, but these pics make my heart long for North Dakota in September.

    thanks for sharing Jill.

  2. I am so glad you had such a great visit, Jill. It looked like a very sweet time. :) Thank you for sharing.