Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We're here and we're grateful and the trip went well.  Thank you, friends, for praying!

Vivi was the last K kid standing... Please excuse a sad example here but I've heard that some people when they're drunk are mellow and others are lively.  Well, all three of our big kids when they're jet lagging & sleep deprived (on the flight and the first two nights we've been here) have been pretty mellow and willing to sleep or at least stay laying down in the dark.  Vivi has been as high wired as I've ever seen her.  She would have been cracking jokes for our whole economy cabin if anyone else could've understood her babble.  Knocking her head on the wall and laughing at herself, blowing spit bubbles and making every mouth sound she could come up with...  I'm sure she thinks she is the pinnacle of good humor.    And I'm quite sure I'd agree with her if her antics would only be carried on at a reasonable hour!

Matt and I have agreed that Tony and Allison, the dear friends who are hosting us, have the best jet lag place on earth.  It is BEAUTIFUL here, Pacific NW- trees, sky, water, grass, clean air and flowers everywhere.  And their basement is dark and we've woken to yummy breakfasts hours after them two mornings now and sweet conversation after kiddos' bedtimes these nights.  This evening Matt and I got out on a kayak ride together.   Our kids have new precious friends under this same roof.  Such generosity from God to provide all this for us.... and from these friends to bless us so kindly!  We feel so cared for by the Lord by all these graces....

We'll write more soon.... and post pics of all this beauty!  We hope you are doing well.... we can't wait to see more of you so soon now!  North Dakota this Thursday!!

Love to you friends~


  1. I can hardly wait to see your faces!!! I smile when I think that we are in the same country now... :) Just a few more weeks! Love to you all.

  2. Praise the Lord! I am so glad all is going well to start things off. :) We are so excited to see you here!

  3. oh i was praying that your trip would be smooth, and your early days blessed.

    wishing I was headed to ND. and the train!