Monday, August 6, 2012

Praise be to the God who saves!

On the speed train heading home liquid joy keeps slowly spilling over.  I’m so amazed, absolutely awestruck at the grace of God this day...

Just last week we confirmed that these dear friends had their “Gotcha Day” set and that I would get to be there to help with their littlest guy, precious Luke, and take pics of the welcome.  After more than two years (right, Ks?) of dreaming and waiting and praying for an adoption to go through for their family, they would finally bring home their new boy.  I’m stunned that I got to be there...with these friends and another friend family we love.  Only a Sovereign Father could arrange for friends to meet, to welcome their new sons in the same city on the same day.  
The S Family adopted their sweet boy David seven months ago.  Just before his adoption was complete, they learned about David’s foster brother, a little boy just ten months older than him, who would comfort David when he was sad or afraid; a little boy with only one eye.  These two were a tight pair but then David was adopted.  Jeff & Rebecca certainly wouldn’t have guessed it earlier, but the Father had it planned from the beginning that they would bring home that foster brother too... Isaac and David would become forever brothers and would get a little brother and big sister along with a mom and dad who love them crazy much and crazy fun with the unspeakable love of God.
This Morning.  This joy hasn’t stopped pouring down my face and I’m afraid I’ll be a mess over this for days....
It really couldn’t have been sweeter.   There were seven families at the Civil Affairs office all waiting to meet their kids and the children slowly trickled in in taxis from orphanages around the province.   There were lots of anxious parents: crying moms, eager videoing dads.  (How very happy I was to take a few cameras for those dads to get in the videos with their new kids.)  

Isaac arrived and was chased around with cookies and a lollipop by new siblings and happy parents.  He’s a spunky one for sure and theres a bit of sibling angst to be praying for with that sweet tightly-knit crew (21 months between their four from oldest and youngest).  

And then all of the sudden, there was John Paul.  He spent the first 45 minutes or so in his daddy’s arms.  There was lots of paper signing, some cracker crunching, and picture viewing (pics of his two big sisters and one big brother who are waiting at home to shower him with love.)  

And then mama couldn’t wait any longer.... with just a few seconds of sorrow for the loss of that papa hold, John Paul began his first long mama snuggle.

John Paul is a handsome, sturdy-built 19 month old with a cleft lip (that’s been repaired) and cleft palette.  In all the stir in that room and on the bus ride back to the hotel, I don’t think he made a single peep.   But when I got back bringing lunch for our crew, this little guy was playing and communicating and soon, eating like a hungry, silly, little sweetheart.  
I admit.  I’m absolutely in love with John Paul!  Struck through with love and joy over this sweet boy.  I was hoping to stare at pictures of him all the way back to my town, but my camera battery just gave out.  So...  I’m writing my joy.
Oh such joy!  
Welcome John Paul!  Welcome Isaac!  

Congratulations dear friends!
Praise! Endless Praise to the God who loves orphans  
Praise be to the Father of the Fatherless, Defender of the Needy, Helper of the Weak, Savior of all who trust in Him
You have done marvelous things yet again in our lives! ... in these precious little lives
Praise be to our Great God!

More tears hit my lap and I raise my hands, fearless of the business travelers around me, emboldened by the majesty and splendor of the love of our God.  And tonight already I'm home in central China for late dinner with my love and my little loves, for kisses all around, and yet more joy in the retelling of all this...


  1. Jill, I am weeping as I read this. I grew up with this dear friend of yours!! To see my old friend with his beautiful bride and John Paul! Thank you for sharing this!! I can't wait to see you!! :)

  2. Crazy awesome wonderful! We knew about the S family adoption this week but had no idea about John Paul! What a good God to make an already beautiful thing absolutely amazing with the reunions of these two families--and you! Thank you for sharing it! So beautiful! :) Jillien

  3. What a gift to be able to read this! I, too, weep at His overwhelming goodness!! Such Grace to let us be a post of His big, big story...Love you, Jillian, and so grateful for all of your wonderful communications...To God be the Glory! Love you!