Thursday, August 2, 2012

bits & pieces

Today, just a little record a few of simple things in our home... none of it extraordinary, but all of it precious to enjoy.  Oh these treasured little moments!  Oh the myriad ways the Father shows us his kind love!

Right now Isaiah is sitting at the table, drawing a picture (no doubt, of soldiers and a battle of some sort) and telling aloud the story that's unfolding... in Chinese.   The bad guy is getting killed and another guy is riding in on a horse....  I love our bilingual boy!

And John just built a thing of blocks- 6-7 bristle blocks attached head to tail to look like a train.  He brought it to me and told me it was his "speedy."  And when I asked him just what a speedy really is, he looked at me with a tinge of pity, like that was not my brightest question, and he explained again,  "Mom, right here, this is my speedy."   Of course....

And yesterday the kids turned on a CD we recently received as a gift from sweet new friends who travelled through. The last song is "Mighty to Save."  I walked in to see a well arranged band:  Isaiah strumming his dumbra (dumbela- I'm embarrassed I don't know what it is!) like a rocker's guitar(he'll need  some coaching Uncle Greg), Marian playing piano on the toy box and two little drummers with chopsticks going crazy on the yellow stool (John) and anywhere she could find (Vivi.)  John and Marian especially love this song and will sing the second half of the course over and over again just like that's all there is to the song:   "Forever, Author of Salvation, He rose and conquered the grave, Jesus conquered the grave... Forever..."  (We're still working on getting the whole chorus down.)

I know... way to blurry... but a keeper still
(this was when she moved on to become the third drummer)

It's been cooler yesterday and today.  Yippeee!   The drizzly rain has been pure gift for the past week that's been especially yucko hot in this city cement oven!

But this made the heat well worth it:  Last week, we were invited by some new friends to a swimming pool/ mini water park in town.  It was wonderful!!! (We just started attending a new Sunday fellowship here that has been a tremendous joy to us after abut a year of really missing such connection with the Body. How fun to spend the morning with those friends all cool in the pools!)

he spent most of his time right here
I admit, these "hot dogs" (water seesaws) had me giddy.... we had so much fun on them!
thats our cool neighbor buddy Kai there too- we're so grateful for him and his family!


Yep.  That's our girl.
this slip-n-slide deal was perfect for John and Vivi...  she was up for the challenge

We also have a few kiddos gearing up to play for the first Bilingual Baseball Camp here this summer!  We could still use a few more kids to join in.... would you pray with us for that?

There... just a few, simple treasures to remember...

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  1. Great to see the story from your family!. Glad to see John & Vivi are getting bigger. Great to see Marian & Isaiah are getting bigger. Please say hi to them for me, also Matt. I know you guys will visit US soon (probably within 2-week? ) Do give me a call if you guys get chance.

    Cheers and Bless.