Tuesday, August 21, 2012

can you hear that?

Matt is famous for his (tickley) back rubs around here..
Perhaps if you lean in close, you can hear the joy?

John's sweet sense of humor and general silliness is so. much. fun.  We all love this boy like crazy!
Yes, I know it looks like they're behind bars but really they're just sitting near our living room window with a (sturdy as tinfoil) railing that's there for "safety".

...and there are more wiggly laughing pics , but they're all too squiggly...

Here she's all caught up in telling Daddy about her day, her adventures and her sorrows.  She's babbling and speaking so well, so much these days!  Vivi is breathtakingly delightful to us.

 Sometimes we Ks have to speak Latin in order to fully express our emotions on a topic.  That being said, I can more accurately tell you that she is, in my eyes, fatastimoniously adorablinimous.  

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