Monday, August 13, 2012

like a box of chocolates

Here's a random assortment of sweets...

on my trip to meet John Paul... I had two hands for photos on the street!  
my favorite little round bellies
our cute neighbor girls from upstairs
"Little Jack" from the building across from us, spends most evenings at our place playing.   He turned ten this week and we got to celebrate with him and his parents- dinner at a hot pot restaurant- yum!
they're not laughing at the cute puppies but they sure are giddy that a foreignor just asked for their picture

I melt to see her in this little China dress... it was a gift from my dear friend Li Miao for May's 1 year birthday.
And the fuzzy hairdo?  It's all that works for the girl who's taken out every clip lately, along with a fist full of hair.   

(Those two pointy fingers just crack me up!)


  1. We can just hardly wait to see these little ones and spoil the living daylights out of them. Thanks for these pictures...pure joy to see. Love you all so much! NaiNai

  2. love love love the photos jill! these kids are so so precious. you caught some beautiful moments! love to you, jillien