Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Play Ball! Wanr Qiu Ba!

We finished the first bilingual baseball camp and it was a FUN two-week stretch for all!  We're so grateful for the kids that played and the progress each one made.  We sure hope this will work as a business endeavor for Matt to continue with to open opportunities for us here!

so fun to have help from dads and play with sons that we love!
a little juggling fun on the side... 
this girl makes fun wherever she is.... and sadly for Daddy, that hasn't been on the baseball field lately.  Can't believe we'll be celebrating her 5 year mark this weekend.  Beauty Treasure, how are you growing so fast, my love!?

This boy caught a fly ball and made some great hits... he's still got a ways to go in persevering through an hour of play at a time though!  But man do I ever love him!!

I'm pretty sure this grandpa was just observing us... and Daniel was so sweet to explain our crazy foreign sport

the last morning the kids played against a team of dads and Matt's friends....  they all did great!

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