Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We're in the last two-week stretch before we're off to America for a few months.  The To-Do List is long and there have been late-night coffee and Cokes and sweaty panicky moments when I have to speak scripture aloud to calm myself down.  There are so many things we just can't leave unfinished for five months...  But today, a great piece of the burden was finished.  

The biggie on my list was to complete the process to get my China driver's license.   You'd think the test, my last step,  would be easy because we were given a test booklet with all the questions in it.   But that booklet had 1500 questions (327 pages) and it covered an huge range of topics from China's internal DMV admin reqiurements, EMT rescue techniques, penalties for every traffic violation possible,  hundreds of specifics related to buses, tractors, trailers, non-motorized vehicles, and heavy machinery, to driving etiquette for when you encounter a herd of animals on the road or rescue methods  for when your car is submersed in water (stay in the car and call for help?), to road signs and hand signals that Matt had to encourage me to believe must be intuitive for somebody somewhere.   Dozens of questions contradicted each other (they probably didn't in Chinese, but I was reading English questions which- on the whole-  I am SO grateful I could do!)   It was killer.   But today, by the wild grace of God, I passed the test, first try!

What a relief!   Tonight we're celebrating with a little silly time off together....  it's like an evening vacation. (Yea for some blog post fun!)

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I can drive in China now!!!  Yipee!!!
Thank you Lord!


  1. Yay! Praise the LORD!! You have on ething now marked off on your list before leaving, Jillian...your faith and intense perseverance paid off...I can't imagine all of those unrelated and paradoxical questions, 1500of them?! Yikes!! It was hard enough for me to get my license here, lol! Love you and can't wait to see you!!

  2. This post made me laugh a little. We are currently trying to get our girls to pass the simple Nebraska permit test. There are 99 potential questions. They are less intense than the ones you described. We haven't had nearly the success you did... yet! We are VERY impressed that you passed on your first try!! Way to go! (you can be SURE that you will be the subject of discussion at our table in the near future!) :)