Sunday, August 26, 2012

May Love turns FIVE

Happy Birthday to our big girl... five years old today. May Love Dear, we can see you growing so much, so beautifully, especially recently.  It's such a joy to see you showing kindness, being generous, praying passionately, dancing gladly....  Daddy and I enjoy you so very incredibly much and we are beyond this world grateful to the Lord for your five years with us and for the woman you are becoming, darling.   

Yesterday we had a sweet group of girls at our place to celebrate.  I think it was the easiest birthday party we've ever planned and still one of the funnest.  Girls came, played, swam, ate...  and got their faces painted.  Nothing else needed!  6$ for face paint and a bunch of happy laughter.  
So. Much. Fun.  Thank you Lord!
I painted Marian's face with a flower, just like she asked for.  I think we were both glad it came of in the splash pool.  
...but thankfully, there were others more skilled than I am at face painting!
Beware of Shark (Boy)
He was very glad mama found some boy face paint ideas...  and we painted his face together- he and I!  
His dinosaur-dragon deal has a killer-hilarious roar, can't you tell?  

These two are so cute together!  We're so grateful for such precious friends for our kiddos!

This same day would have been my mama's 70th birthday.   I just reread our birth announcement for Marian here on our blog and treasured again the Lord's grace in all this.... May came two weeks before she was due and she was a SHE, a baby girl we could give my mom's name too....  two of the very most special women in my life, sharing this one special day.  What a gift. 

Marian Lynn has a name with a magnificent heritage.  Matt grew up loving his grandma Marian's name, always thinking it was simply the most beautiful girl's name.   And for her middle name, our daughter would get the name of her grandma who I believe was dancing in heaven for the day of her birth.   (Grandma Lynn's Y is why we spell May's short name like the month.)  Great Grandma Marian, and Matt's Mom, Mary (another close name connection) and Grandma Lynn are all women we earnestly hope our daughter will grow like in character, beauty, talent, wisdom and faith in the Lord Jesus. 

We love you Marian Lynn, our precious May Love Treasure Bug.

PS-  Matt recently pointed out another sweet thing about our girl's names...  that one day our girls probably won't share our last name, but we'll still share our first name connection:  Marian, Vivian, and Jillian.  That's really sweet to me.  (Even if we mainly go by our short names!)


  1. Super fun party! We have a boy that would have loved a dino-dragon face paint with John John... so super cute, all of them. Glad for this five year old, for what her birthday means and says about her Grandma. Oh and the cultural posts stuff below, all great thoughts and insights. It's going to be a fullllll five months for you six. Much love!

  2. Loved seeing the pictures of this sweet May Love Treasure Bug! Hard to believe that 5 is upon us so quickly, eh?! What a special birthday party! Thanks for re-sharing the legacy of her name once again...God and His timing are so incredible! I love that your first names will also carry the thread of oneness...what an unintentional gift!

    Love you guys and can't wait until we meet again!!