Friday, June 3, 2011

grandma's favorite

I'm not joking when I tell you that Mary and Dale brought summer and winter and next spring clothes totally 29 pieces.... and that's Vivi's wardrobe alone.  This onesie, from Great Aunt Barb (thanks so much dear Barb!!) is Grandma's favorite.

sweetest little retro butterflies & pansies princess I could ever dream of...

May she ever have eyes for only one needful, first most beautiful thing

I call her Sunshine Eyes for her eyelashes that swoop up and away from her pretty little face like happy rays of sunlight or petals on a sunflower.
Vivian Hope, 2.5 months old

For a few days now she's been pretty faithful at soothing herself with a little thumb & index finger combo.  She's fallen asleep so easily like this!  A little scary to think of how this habit might develop but I guess we'll just see how it goes!  If she stays at it, she'll be our first thumb sucker.

Here she is with her look-alike little big brother.  
All charm and delightfulness, this guy... he crawled on our bed by himself just to give her kisses.


  1. I love the pictures on here! I love the children in the pictures! I love thier mama as my dear, dear friend! You all make me smile... I still wish I could have stashed myself in one of the suitcases... :)

  2. oh Jill, how did she get so big already? It does go fast, doesn't it?

    So delighted to see that Dale and Mary are there with you. Give them our greetings. and enjoy the sweet love that only grandparents can lavish :)

    still settling hard here. it's not been easy, but we press on. hoping our paths cross soon (how? when?)