Tuesday, May 31, 2011

this week... (and the past few)

at a park in Beijing 

The end of May has been filled with a few wondrous cheers.... sweet visits with far-away friends and now Matt's parents have arrived to stay with us for about 2 weeks.  Such joy and privilege to be with some of the dearest people in our lives.

After dragging through a few weeks of all sharing an ugly cold, we got to head out on an overnight train to Beijing all healthy :).  Just making it to the train that night was grace....  and then grace upon grace the next few days with precious friends there.  

Why else would we be so thrilled to stay in a hotel??
And yes, those are shower caps on the daddys' heads.  Required... and darn good lookin', 
don't you think?!

We also made it into the embassy and after our interview there, the nice guy that swore us in told us "Congratulations, Vivian is now an American citizen."  We hadn't realized she wasn't until then.  Glad it's a done deal now!

The day after we got home, Matt's parents arrived and it's been pretty nonstop fun since then.  They brought in nearly 200 pounds of America for us  and yes, it was a bit over-the-top, none would deny, but all have delighted in their gifts still and even more in playing and simply being together with these well known, well loved skype faces!  So great to have you With Us, Yeye and Nainai!

The kids each got a beach towel and sunglasses.... ready to blow up the pool for the patio!

some great cuddles and new additions to the family lego collection

and they got goggles, books, Twins gear and.... lots.of.stuff.
This mama loved most of all the photos from friends, groceries, deodorant, and shoes for my American size feet.   Special treats for all of us from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma K, sweet corn seeds and some fun gardening bits for the kids.  Thank you guys!!!

Nap-time slumber party in Grandma and Grandpa's room this afternoon.  
We've been playing hard.

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  1. How completely sweet! So glad those two and the 200 pounds made it safely! Wish we could have been in those suitcases (though I don't think even Grandma and all her packing skills could have fit us in!). We are already anticipating the fun that Christmas 2012 will be!

    Have a memory-filled time with YeYe and NaiNai!

    We love you all! H,G,E