Thursday, May 5, 2011


 Just have to post a few sweet shots...

6.5 weeks of Vivi... oh we are so delightfully grateful for this precious baby
 (don't miss the kissy lips)
I love these newborn faces!

her eyes have become quite distinctly blue but you can't see it here too clearly...

 Vivi's "Moses basket" bed is right between our bedroom window (the shelf where the herbs are growing) and our bed and Matt calls it the best location in the house.
This is my view from our bed...

I was an only child... and I'm so happy that not only do our kids have close siblings and wonderful fun friends, but both our girls also have a cousin born within a few weeks of them.   The new pics of baby Eli are absolutely precious...  can't wait 'til we get to cuddle you, Eli, and chase and play and tickle... and you too, Lilliana!

Finally, here's a good capture of the little big brother's spunk and delightfulness


  1. how sweet, those are great pictures of your kids. I would love to see your whole family again sometime. Maybe on my way home in June I should stop in town and visit you all.

  2. These pics are so cute, Jill!! I see so much of John in Vivi.