Monday, May 16, 2011


rosebuds and lots of bubbles...
I loved my rosebud-printed clothes when I was small.  So grateful for this hand-me-down to match my memory.  
 She started smiling for mama the day before mother's day (just after her 7 week mark) but her smiles are rare gems still- looking forward to more of them!
 Our precious girl hasn't been feeling too well the past few days.  So glad to get to skype with you, JJ, and hear your great home remedies (worked great for her eyes!)

 I just love this sweet silly look she's giving.

8.5 weeks of Vivi beauty


  1. Adorable little niece of ours! And lots of sweet faces for sure. That last one reminds me of John... definitely siblings!

  2. So glad that the "homemade" remedies worked for sweet Vivi...she is just too cute! Skyping with you was amazing...I'll try to get the camera on my end figured out here...Love yous!!