Sunday, May 1, 2011

this week

(warning-  LOTS of photos here)

her first Easter

in the taxi on the way home from church- it's already getting hot here
(but truth be told, it really doesn't have to be hot for John's cheeks to light up like Rudolf's nose)

 Our good friend came for a visit from the capital

 For Easter, we had a few friends come for dinner, the Easter story, and lots of play... (these sweet friends were neighbors who joined us at Reading Night at our old place).  These lollipops maxed us out on our artificial food coloring limit for the year... at least.  

love, loving a snuggly cuddle

 These artificial flowers blew onto our patio and lit up our big girls' heart and smile

 Vivi is 6 weeks old already... and filling fast with chub (and ever increasing sweetness)

our big guy finished the week a little bit ill...  nothing serious, but you can see the 
beginnings of it on him here

We watched the first part of a wedding day as a neighbor bride and her groom left her parents home this morning- as fanciful and decorated as can be!  These guys had at least 15 cars following them in their wedding caravan.

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  1. Oh thank you so much for the abundance of photos! The kids are just growing up too fast. Wow Vivi has filled out and looks so adorable. We just cannot wait to come and spoil them all. We are missing you all so much!

    Grandma aka NaiNai