Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a little treat?

Here’s a little summer treat we’re enjoying that's oh-so simple.

Cold Sprite (or Sprite-likeness) poured over a fruity tea bag.  I first tasted this at a baby shower (thanks ladies!) when it was made with Celestial Seasonings tea.  But I think maybe it’s nicer with London Fruit and Herb Company... perhaps more flavorful?   Who could ever need a fancy four dollar Italian Soda when there’s this?

When Matt’s parents visited, they even gave the “London Sprite,” as we call it, a stamp of approval and bought us a can of spray whipped cream to top our treats with.  Yum!

And one little tip...  A single tea bag of London’s Company lasts for at least 2-3 glasses of Sprite.  Just soak ‘til the color is right for your taste.


  1. I've searched high and low (okay, just really online for the last minute or so) and found out that you can only buy the London Fruit & Tea bags at US military comissionry or at https://marktwendell.com/ and it's pretty spendy with shipping, sadly. So I'm hoping that I'll find some yummy raspberry tea that will be almost as good...