Thursday, June 16, 2011

local groceries

This great fruit and veggie spot is about a block from our home.  
Such a blessing to have all this so nearby!  

I love the ladies I buy our fruits and veggies from!

I was so glad my mother-in-law went with me so I could take pictures of her here.   I'm just too embarrassed to simply go to the market myself and take pictures of all this daily, regular scene.  As if I need any more spotlight on my foreignness...

The produce is all quite fresh, but sadly, not so clean... For as much as I know, there are very few concerns for chemical pesticides, fertilizers, toxins.  We scrub stuff up as good as we can and pray. 

 You can also find lots of spices, seaweed, pickled roots, meat and sometimes live animals, "wood ear" (a yummy, nutritious fungus like a mushroom) and this spongey thing above which I think is a relative of the forest hear-er.   

yummy noodles... and the cute girl who makes them

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  1. Your beautiful pics are starting to look a bit like our fave blogger, Jillian...Happy Birthday Sweet one!