Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Genius Diaper Challenge

We were generously gifted a large set of Bum Genius Diapers for Vivi's birth and though I was a bit hesitant as we waited for them, I am truly a committed fan now.  

I feared the poop, the laundry, the diaper pail, the leaking.  I'm sure I don't need to explain that poop is never fun.  It's the least fun part of cloth diapers for sure.  But the stink stays in the diaper pail (which washes easily) and I've had far less leaks on both our big guy and our baby girl while wearing Bum Genius diapers than when we've used disposables.  And even the poop messes pay off well when we're saving lots of money every day, saving loads of trash from the earth, and snuggling our kiddos in cotton instead of whatever that absorbo-junk is in the disposables.  

Now, to be clear, I am absolutely stress-free about using these cloth diapers because we still do use disposables when needed (sorry, environment).   If I'm a bit behind on laundry, if we're going out, or if all four of our kids are needing me and I just don't want to scrub out anything- then I don't.  EASY as that. 

Another huge perk is that I love this company.  I love Cotton Babies.  Not only is the super quality Bum Genius line their own product (they also sell a huge range of cool baby items), but the company has several programs to assist families which I really admire and appreciate.  I know that Cotton Babies really is out to help families and not simply to cut-throat and make their own profit.  

So finally... (thanks for making it this far!) Here's the Challenge:  

If you are having a baby or know a friend who will soon, why not considering registering or suggesting your friend register for Bum Genius diapers at   Honestly American's, you can find great, cute second-hand clothes easily at Once Upon A Child or get dozens of things handed down to you if you make the need known to the right kind of generous people.  I have girlfriends that dress their kids as cute as can be all from garage sale finds and I bet their average price tag is $1.50.  So plan on dressing your kids yourself and just ask for cloth diapers as your baby shower gifts.  Then the money that you save from disposable diapers (probably at  least $40 per month) can be wisely invested, saved, or given to more worthwhile things.   And there are zillions of things more worthwhile than diapers.  Kids at Compassion.  Donating books, seeds, food, cross-stitch.  Saving for college? Helping costs at crisis pregnancy clinics, earthquake/tsunami relief, literacy programs.  Kiva loans... 

And yes, this "challenge" would work with other cloth diapers from other companies, but I've already spelled out my dozen reasons for liking this brand, this company and I'm sticking to my pick.  It's a cute name for this diaper challenge anyway! :)


  1. Who could ignore a challenge presented with such ADORABLE photos! Oooohhh I just want to snuggle that boy. Since I started buying disposables at crazy good prices with Maelee, I have a closet full to the brim (and so glad to be using them up now)... but I hope to try one of these well-indorsed systems eventually. Agreed - it would be a most excellent baby gift to get someone started on it!

  2. seriously LOVE bumgenius, though we are out of them for a season as I have all potty trained kids for the first time in 5 1/2 years :)

    I also got the grant and cannot believe how generous Cotton Babies is and how grateful I was for the many zillions of disposable diapers I did not buy.

    will definitely embrace your 'challenge' and tell those I know that are expecting!