Saturday, June 11, 2011


Matt's parents gave us some anniversary gift money (in March, at the seven year mark) and now that they're here, they gifted us with childcare for an overnight away... just the two of us, and our Vivi treasure.  What a gift!  A retreat... to seek a way to advance  (and to simply delight in and celebrate our romance!)  Thank you Mom and Dad!!

We had just heard from some visitors who came through about a cool training time that they got to attend.  They left us with two gems.  Simple, oh so simple, but how could we beyond these basics? We want these treasures tucked deep into our hearts, applied, we want to move forward in this way.

Lord renew us in fervent prayer... and refresh us with strength and energy and language to boldly speak of Christ at work in our lives, every conversation seasoned with salt... boldly commend;  humbly submit, listen and serve; gently answer; persuasively, lovingly proclaim.

And how to pray?  Pray the Word.  With the true and living word on my lips in prayer, it's alive and fresh, sweetness more ready on my lips to proclaim.  With a prayer guide through the Word, my prayers are focused much better.... and oh how I need help with this!

Here are some of the helps I'm leaning on, learning from in this endeavor to study, pray, know, delight in, be transformed by and proclaim this Good Word...

A very insightful post about reading to treasure, to be transformed by the Word... instead of of what he calls a "marketing" bit about how much we can read- how fast.  My favorite part... Yes, reading takes time, but "You're eternal.  Live like it."  (HT: AV)

Bible Arcing.  Oh to apply myself to this worth work of studying the Word... knowing God in his Word.
"Eternity is at stake in how we understand and teach the Bible....  [Be] blood earnest in your study."- Tom Steller, in a sweet booklet on Biblical Exegesis.  He goes on to write:
"We need three things to be careful interpreters of the Word of God. First, we must admit we need help and that we will die without it. Left to ourselves, and our own unaided human reason, we are hopeless. We need revelation from above. Our eternal life hangs on this! Secondly, we need faith in the sovereign goodness of the Author. This faith not only frees us to go where the Bible leads us, but it impels us to go where the Bible leads us. ” Thirdly, we need to learn how to read with the kind of care that corresponds to the preciousness of the Book.  It is, as Wesley said, “the Book of God!"
And... The Divine Hours.  Grateful, so grateful for this guide.  When I read-pray through these places in the day, I am reminded that prayer is largely an invitation from God to us, to come, to rest in knowing him, to receive from him, be reminded of his goodness, care, faithfulness... oh such a good gift!

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