Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the little big guy turns two

John celebrated his # 2 birthday last week with his Grandma on the day between their big days.  Sadly, I didn't get any great shots of the day, the dinner, the cake, but the memories are hopefully etched deep enough to last long. It was a simple, sweet day at home, altogether, fun.

Our big guy is talking more and more.  Often, when someone mentions counting, he'll go to the front door and put his arm on the door, lay his head against his arm, count "One Two Tree" and then take off to find some hiders.

He's showing great diligence and perseverance in learning sports (a crazy ball-lover) and riding the scooter on the patio.  Yesterday he brought me a lego creation and told me "Yego, house.  Daddy build it."  And after Scripture reading at the table, when Daddy says "This is the Word of the Lord."  John is the most eager to reply with his very slurred version of "Thanks be to God!"

I love his soft heart if he hurts a sibling... usually very quickly and tenderly tells them "saw-ruu"  which I think is a mix of "I'm sorry" and "love you."

And his favorite thing...  I've said it for him a hundred times, trying to help him place the B sound right...  and he repeats "B, B, B, Di-bip"  (blanket).

I could not forget Grandma's favorite one-liner:  "I- self."  Oh my...

Another big move during the grandparents visit was that we got a new bunk bed for the kid's room.  Vivi's only going to fit in her basket a bit longer before she needs the pack-n-play, so John John got to move up.  May and Isaiah are loving the extra partying possibilities now that they are both on the top bunks.

And one more special promotion: John is sitting with us at the table now.   Bye-Bye high chair!  So sweet and funny to see my little big boy across the table from me.  Isaiah especially adores his brother (often whatever John is wearing or eating or doing is a big motivator for Isaiah).  Our family is growing, the table is filling.... with laughter, chaos, messes, and grace- hopefully grace!

Oh we love you, John Timothy!!


  1. We sure love this little big guy! He's completely adorable... I just want to hug him nonstop. And definitely photogenic. I may have to update our fridge photo.

  2. Happy birthday, little man!

  3. Jillian, it is so funny that you said you didn't get any good pictures... these are absolutely beautiful! John has captured my heart... that smile... those eyes... (and I especially love the last one of your two BIG boys!) :)