Saturday, July 6, 2013

movin' on up

Marian graduated from Kindergarten last week.... so sweet to honor the school that has loved her and encouraged her in love for the Lord and where she has grown solidly bilingual for the past 2.5 years.   We count this school one of the Lord's greatest gifts to us in this city!

(yep, that's the cutest trash bag- graduation gown ever, isn't it!?
and on our sweet love girl.....  oh I love her so!)

Liu Laoshi... Marian's teacher
To celebrate, we went on a special outing after her ceremony....
Burger King is still new to our city.  I didn't get many shots there but this one is cute of the little sis.
(she was trying to say "cheese" while Daddy stuffed her mouth with soft serve)

More May....  a tiny tribute to the graduate

Daddy daughter love.... and a crown of John-silliness in on it too..
my girls twirling

the crew

PS-  John and John (see the last pic in the post below) are swimming in the pool together at the moment.... It will be a summer of memories for each of these dear kiddos!

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