Monday, July 22, 2013

the battle was fierce...

and (of course)...  it got funny
everyone was armed with colored pencil spears, ready and waiting for the command to charge 

some spectators had no idea what to think about the crazy sound affects (with lots of spit flying) and the loud proclamations of repeated deaths and resurrections on both sides

after most of the battle had been fought, a castle was built on the site....  
and reward drawings were made for the victors (originally by Marian, enhanced by Vivian) 
Kylie Bear was queen of the castle
and this guy could be the jester...(just like he is at our house)

And it's all very sweet and wonderful and I love this joy and I LOVE these kids....  and I'm sure I'll sound like a wet blanket here, but I can't escape the truth of it....  The sad reality remains in our world that real war is not a happy matter.  I can't get this article out of my mind about the atrocities of today and the past decade in the Sudan/ Darfur. And with it, the saddness of natural disasters like the earthquake we felt this morning... that killed 75 and injured nearly 500 in a province just west of us. Lord have mercy!  Come quickly Lord Jesus and begin your reign of unhindered, untainted, unspoiled, eternal Joy.  Our world is aching, groaning to be set right.....  Come quickly, Redeeming King!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these precious pictures of the kiddos playing. I just love those kids so much! And miss them too! NaiNai