Wednesday, July 24, 2013

on Pintrest and craving beauty

Wonderful thoughts here, yet again, from Rachel Jankovic... This time she's writing about pintrest and how we can misuse it and deceive and distract ourselves with it.

Oh God of All, may I see life and light and truth in the truth of Who you are, Eternally Good.   Please keep me from the distractions called rewards and entitlements and "relaxation" that our culture applauds and assumes.  Pour my life out in spirit and in truth... worship, for You.

Where I hunger to make my life beautiful... to hopefully be beautiful, and create beauty in relationships and on our table and in song and every way....  lead me to You, the only Eternally Beautiful Truth.

May all my soul hungers bring me empty before you, to that blessed state of poverty and grief and meekness... the end of myself, to the fullness, the brimming pleasure and satisfaction of YOU.

May my quest for perfection give way to acceptance of all.... all that you give as chosen, intended for me, received with the promise to one day be redeemed.   There are no interruptions under a Sovereign King.

I belong to you, Maker, Redeemer.  Have your way.  Sear your beauty deepest into my soul.

And may the blaze of your glory leave me awestruck and still before YOU.


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