Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome Little Prince { #RoyalBaby}

You are one well loved, well-cared-for baby and sure to be adorable if what your daddy said was true, about you getting your mama’s looks.  Welcome little one, to our world.

I’m no one you’ll ever need to know but I thought I’d jump on the hashtag bandwagon and send you a hello and tell you just one thing that I hope, more than anything else, for you.

They say you’ll be king one day and you’ll never know anything but press coverage and hard-to-find privacy because of who you are and to whom you were born.  And all of this has been chosen for you.  

I wonder what it’s like on the inside of the palace to think of kingship and leading a people.... even from the awkward position of a figurehead.  But I can tell you this:  that I think we, humans, were made for kingship.  Even you....  may you know how you too need a King.  You were born to be a little picture of the True Kingship we were made for...  Why else would millions be panting for news of your arrival, a glimpse of your little head, the announcement of your name?  So will you be a picture of what the True King is like.... or what he isn't like?

What kind of prince.... and then king.... will you be?  What will you set your heart to seek after?   What will you allow to shape you, your character, your mind, your ambitions?  For what issues will you take a stand?  What will the history books record about you?

They say you were born lucky.  I say you were born with a heavy load of responsibility and an abundant supply of distractions.  May you seize your role and responsibilities with courage and valor and may you be a radical royal after all things good and true, refusing to waste your life on vanities and empty waves at the crowds.  I don’t believe that the years we live here are all we live for, so I’m not sure I’d call you lucky just because you’ll be comfortable for your short stay on Earth.   There’s got to be more, much more that our lives, even your life, are worth being poured out for, invested in, surrendered for.   

Here’s the one thing I hope for you, the one royal challenge to give to you, little one.  

Find the Truth.  

Don’t settle for fool’s talk of everything and nothing and all and none in the realm of what is true.  The world speaks it’s testimony:  there is truth, there IS truth.  There is goodness and there is a Giver of Good, the Ultimate Good.

Don’t settle for a life that is wrapped up in name brands and thrills, confined to palaces and resorts, unaffected by real need.  The world’s needs are too clear for you to blow your advantages, your wealth, your role on such dust-in-the-wind vanities.... and they won’t satisfy you anyway.  Find truth and live accordingly.  Live boldly for the people you were born to lead.... not just with the natural bold beauty of your family that will shine in you, but bold and emblazoned with the truth like a fire in your bones, in your soul.  You are more than a handsome face.  Live for the Truth.

There are lots of claims out there for what is truth or what is good but I believe Truth must satisfy every question and need of humanity if it really is what it says...  I believe you won't find Truth apart from the book from the King of Truth, the Bible.  The Bible bears the weight of humanity's hungers and questions and hopes.  Read the Bible.  And try Tim Keller’s The Reason for God, or your own man, C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, for next steps beyond that.  

I’m sure I’m just one of many million that are praying for you now...

Welcome little prince.   We are so glad you’re here.

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