Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Visa.... (not a credit card)


Thanks so much for lifting us up in prayer for our visa.  This morning Matt heard from the office in charge that there is still a chance that his visa can be completed as he's applied for it (ie. we wouldn't need a whole new visa opportunity/ work contract/ visa application) but there's no way it will be soon.  So he's coming home tonight and won't head to Hong Kong today (can you see our sad smiles?)  The bad news is that we'll have to pay for extending visas for our whole family as our current visas expire next week and no new visa will be ready for us now or possibly we'll have to get two new visas for each of us in the next few weeks.   Matt and I could fly to America for the cost of all this!

The very good news in all of this is that we know Who is ultimately in charge!  The fees we'll be paying and the difficulty and hassle of months of paper gathering and phone calls and office visits is incalculable.... but we trust that God's got a good plan and a good purpose through it.  We lean into His sovereignty and goodness, yet even still, this feels so unjust to us fish-out-of-these-cultural-waters and even though we grieve with hope, we still grieve.  It smarts with pain today.

We are enormously grateful to the friends stateside that have helped us complete yet more needful pieces of paperwork at crazy late hours for you.  Thank you to Matt's parents who have helped us with pieces of this process beginning months ago!  Thank you so much.  Your care and devotion is beyond beautiful.   We are so grateful.

Thanks so much for praying for Matt as he seeks to bless the people who are withholding his needed documents.  May Christ be praised!

with much love,
jill- for the K crew

Wed. 1:00pm update.... THIS JUST IN!  
Because of grace and amazing help we've received, Matt may still be able to receive his needed papers by this Friday.  He was able to change his flight to Hong Kong with no fees!!!!  So he'll be flying out Sunday night and back next Tuesday.  There's just a chance we may still be able to get all this together- if all goes smoothly ahead in miracle mode!- by our deadline next Friday.  We are grateful and hopeful that things may still come together!  Thank you Lord!!!

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