Saturday, June 29, 2013

John and Ezra

Our very own Ezra and John.
"Sports"... Tuesday afternoons when 20ish kids from 6-7 countries gather together for PE type fun.  John and Ezra played together here on the last day before Ezra's family headed to their home country for a family visit.
What a gift this time is for our kids to enjoy!

This is Isaiah and (the turtle) Ezra that John got from us for his 4 year old birthday.  Poor Ezra doesn't seem to be very healthy these days but John is still nearly as smitten with the turtle as he is with his South African buddy....  now our boy John has a friend, a turtle and a stuffed doggy toy all named Ezra!
John with John (the turtle).... yep, he named them himself.  John is a surprising amount of active swimming, rock-diving, ant-eating fun for our kiddos to enjoy.

We all love John and Ezra.... both the boys and turtles!

And Ezra V... we'll miss you and you're whole fam while you're far away in South Africa for the next few months!   May your time be sweet and blessed with family! 

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