Thursday, June 6, 2013

pretty slick

"Going to school, la la la...."  the song they sing on the way out the door every morning.
(To the same tune as the after-bath song "drying the hair, la la la.")


Love the near-rapper pose, Vivi.... and Isaiah darling, we're going to have to work on that tongue of yours!
(my personal favorite)
The rainy season is just enough here that we finally broke down and bought rain gear (umbrellas are no fun on the back of the bike all squished together!).  We were over-the-top frugal and planned for each kiddo to wear their rain jackets for 5-6 years at least..... if the plastic lasts that long!

I hope your summer is beginning sweetly too...  perhaps with a glorious rainy season like ours!

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  1. What fabulous pictures! They are so fun. :)