Monday, June 24, 2013

mountain air

We have been running hard since our fantastic new friend Tim arrived a few weeks ago.  Tim is a Cornell student (smart!) who loves the Lord and sports and music and has filled our home with beautiful tunes and worship and also loads of fun and silly laughter with our kiddos.  He is such a great gift for us to get to work with this summer... Matt is  especially thrilled to have his help for baseball!

And for a little break, we decided to get out to the mountains that are just 40 minutes from our home.  Now that we have a car (ahh!  we are so crazy thankful still!) I hope we can go much more often (our first two years here we only made it to the mountains twice!)  What a refreshing, encouraging day trip!
The big four year old with cool "Uncle Tim"
At the end of the day she was most grateful for the butterflies, the tadpoles and the flowers....
What a precious, enjoyable girl!

And this one too.... I can't get over her sweetness... or her need for "bling" at the mountains
Matt is so grateful for this guy helping out this summer!
And I'm so grateful for my man.... my birthday recently was the 10 year mark of the day we met.  He's such a lavish gift  to me! 
How can a mama squeeze a kiss (or a thousand) into a photo or onto such a wiggly boy!?
These boys!!!  That I get to be the mama blessed with these flowers and this picker.... Oh.  Thank.  You.  Lord.  
so fun to have Tim with us and ready to take photos.... I love Vivi's face in this one!

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