Saturday, June 29, 2013

little bits of life... (and some great links)

Just a few little bits of life here...

I love, love, love these wall-climbing, delicious-smiling monkey-silly kids!

I just can't believe this big girl...  she found some hand-me-down shoes a size up, waiting for her in a storage closet and she wore them long enough for this pose (it wierds me out to see shoes on a couch now... we've become quite Asian in that!) .  The pose, the shoes, the chapstick....  she cracks me up!

Toca Builders & Sprinkle... Fantastic ipad games!
Sprinkle is an App of the Week in the iTunes store so it's free for a few more days.  Toca Builders was a big splurge.... $1.99 was more than worth it to hear Isaiah delight so thoroughly over this brick-building, creative, thinking lego-like (and beyond) game.   I'm sure this will be a K Favorite ipad game for a while to come.
I love our gifted ipad to use as a special time or reward for the kids once or twice a week.  And these games are really so well done there's joy for the builder-players and all the observers too! 

Piano Sheet Music Free Online? ....
I can't imagine appreciating any site more than this one!   I love what they've made available and how they it all.  Fantastic songs all divided into difficulty levels and beautifully arranged and free to print.  I love this site!  And....  they've got some biographical pages for composers too.  So grateful for this!

Just two weeks ago Vivi came in from playing outside, dirty as can be, and I took her straight for the bath..... and she said she had to go potty.  She was successful! Skittle Right Away!   I was totally unprepared but we decided we'd try to give her a shot at potty training (I've never eased into it this smoothly!).  After just one week, and after beginning on her timing and not my own plan,  I think she was about 90-95% on target!  We are so amazed, so happy for our big girl!!!

And a bit about the weather....  Word on the street here Sunday morning is that Saturday was 45 degrees Celsius....  I knew it was a hot one.... but I wasn't exactly sure what 45 was in F.  It's 113.  One Hundred and Thirteen Degrees Fahrenheit of City Heat.... the oven baked city effect.   That's hot enough to hurt.... especially all the friends that don't have any air conditioning and that work outside all day long (like our fruit vendor friends whose word day is 5am to 9pm/ 7 days a week.)  Lord, let there be breezes and even a bit of rain today!

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