Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vivi's a Sparkler

on the way to school...  she really wasn't so upset as she looks here!
Still a sad look....  I just want you to see her "pack pack" that she's so committed to carrying herself.  
there's our silly love.... just before we headed out 
Our precious little love, Vivian Hope, started at the same preschool as her big siblings last week.  She’ll be two in a few weeks and it’s certainly early for her to start in morning preschool but we see it as such a gift from God to have this excellent school nearby.  Our kids are learning from precious Chinese believers, playing with a great group of friends, being nourished (lunch) with local tastes, and speaking Chinese all morning long.  Such a gift!

She's in the Dian Dian Ban, loose translation:  "sparkle class."  (Marian is in the sun class,  no K for the moon class this year, and John is in the star class.)  Sadly, the Saturday before she started school she got knocked into the corner of a low table that was perfectly her eye-level.  Our little beauty had a black-eye!!  She was much braver about it than I was.... I'm so grateful she's healing up well and never really seemed bothered by it.  
The first week, Vivi needed a lot of reassurance at school.... and she got it.  Marian has held Vivi often throughout the day, I’ve been told.  But now, into the second week, Vivi has warmed up more to her teachers... letting them hold her when her class takes walks outside.  

Since I did such a poor job getting shots of her first day, here are a few more of our girl playing at the playground in our complex.  

As for me...  I’ve been spending the mornings interviewing a few ladies to see about being a tutor in our home (Isaiah’s Chinese teacher for our homeschool time) and I’ve been searching for a language tutor to continue teaching me the minority language I’m studying.  (All my girlfriends from before have gone back to their hometowns or have graduated!)  It’s been a good time on the home-front preparing all this.... but I am eager to be studying again!!

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