Wednesday, March 13, 2013

phone photos

While we were in the states, my cell phone was cancelled for me.  I was on a pre-paid arrangement and since I used every last minute before I left they decided to give my number to somebody else....  So, I ended up with a new cell phone plan and the free phone that came with it...  and it's a smartie.  Me!  With a fancy phone!   Camera and all....

the first day of school for Vivi, this was my view as I peeked at the students...

Pineapple on a stick (use #497 for why we love chopsticks!).  A little celebration of the coming weekend.  

I was feeling thoroughly Chinese...  iPod humming (language lessons),  "The Cool Pose" (this is the pose so many Chinese friends want to do with our kids for photos on their phones), and standing in front of the impressive gate - sign of some place super spectacular.
And... it's been gray here lately.  Check this link for some perspective on the pollution.  The author shows a pic of nasty Beijing pollution in 2008 and tells you how much worse the pollution is measured at this year 2013.   Our city has not had pollution levels as high as Beijing this year.... but it's been pretty severe the past few days especially.    Yuck.   Wishful thinking.  I just heard news from a friend who pointed me to a monitroing site that tells the real story:  our pollution has been much worse.  See the next post for the update.  

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