Tuesday, March 19, 2013

bold and beautiful words of challenge

I read this aloud to Matt in the kitchen last week, teary-eyed and overflowing with glad thanks...

This is John Jefferson Davis writing in Meditation and Communion with God...

“....The very practical point that should not be missed in this claim that the reality of heaven is now in some sense “accessible” to the church on earth is that the very transformative energy of the age to come (“the powers of this coming age[ Hebrews 6:5]) is already being made available to the church for it’s ministry and mission.  Alas, all too often the church today is being run on the natural energies of this age, rather than the supernatural energy loosed by the resurrection of Jesus and the descent of the Spirit!  If we have lost our heavenly imagination, we will be disinclined to access, by faith and prayer, the heavenly energy from above.  Which energy does your church run on? (p 75)"

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