Friday, March 15, 2013

pollution update

Friends here saw my post yesterday with a link to a 2 month old article and they decided I should know the facts.  Our air quality is worse (ahh.... much worse) than I thought.   Everyone here calls the nasty grey-hazy-brown-red-glowing days "dusty."  Sadly, there's a lot more junk than just empty farmland's top soil blowing around in the air.  Where James Fallows, author of the Atlantic post above, was moaning about 300 levels and 700 levels... our city had 1324 two days ago.

We prayed this morning together for the pollution to lift and for their to be fruit growing here despite all this filth, which would make it eternally worth it all.

Our friends who are more up on this stuff than I am, sent me these pics from their windows...  Before on top (you can see the three buildings are small, but that was probably just a few months ago) and then during recent smog last Saturday.


  1. When I lived in Japan, the yellow dust of China was part of our spring weather forecast (


  2. My little password before I could publish my comment was "dirtula." :)