Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Isaiah

Our big guy turned SEVEN this past weekend.  I can't believe *he's*so*big*. 
Pollution was gross (it's clearing up now though, Praise the Lord!) so our park outing with two cool buddies turned into an adventure at an indoor play place.  What a treat for our kiddos!

Isaiah sends his humongo thanks to you Grandma and Grandpa for this gift..... just what he was hoping for!

(sometimes a mom has to be very sneaky to get pictures of a camera dodger, and thankfully, only sometimes is he one!)
This was earlier in the morning... making the birthday cupcakes together.
 (side note:  I really should learn some cake decorating tips and maybe even get some basic tools so as not to embarrass my kids with cakes in the future!  But for now, at least, I'm so glad he was still thrilled with our very amateur baseball cupcakes.)

And this is some of the fun from our gift to Isaiah... a knight suit for him and for a friend (to battle!).  Every little boy birthday this fall in the states got one of these from us...  so grateful to have found them on super sale!

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