Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We're Here!

Hello dear friends!  Just want you all to know that we've landed safely and all our 
junk (luggage) made it and we're even waking up at decent times now since completely 
switching daylight for nightime hours.  Thank you for praying for us for the journey 
and transition.  Our big kids are still stammering away in mostly English but they're
beginning to remember more and more Chinese and are warming up to the idea of being 
a bilingual family again.  

For now, a friend is posting this for me on our blog because we do not yet have our 
VPN working to be able to access sites like blogger and facebook from our home. 
(Many sites are blocked here unless you have a secure tunnel, like our VPN).  Thank 
you so much for waiting with us til we get that back up and running.  I'll be excited
to share with you more of what's been happening since we've arrived.....John is 
fully riding a bike now, Vivi started school (with a black eye), and we've enjoyed 
some fantastic time with several friends here....especially sweet time in prayer 
together that I'm excited to share about.  

much love to you friends!

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  1. Praise the Lord you made it and are all doing well!