Sunday, February 17, 2013

take off: tomorrow

We made it through three airports of the five (our total before we're home).  We're still alive and we're actually feeling quite victorious over that pile of stuff.... 

It was late and we were cold.... but we did it!  Praise the Lord!!!
600 pounds (checked + carry-ons) of homeschool books, big kid clothes (I think almost 100% of it was handed down to us or gifted from generous grandparents and family and friends- thank you!), homeschool books, gifts for Chinese friends, a mixer for me!, one car seat we hope to use, and baseball equipment to finish outfitting an entire little league team.  We're grateful for all this stuff and promising ourselves we should never travel with the max. allowed luggage load like this again.  Maybe in a different season....

Since Thursday night, when Isaiah pushed a cart of 150+ pounds around the SeaTac airport with us, and all but Vivi were pushing or pulling some luggage, Matt and I have praised our big boy over (and all of them) over and over again for how they/he stepped up to serve our family.  What would we have done without all of their help?!!

Friday we spent the afternoon at a Children's Museum with precious Seattle area friends and today we swam, slept, and now the big kids are swimming again with Matt.   I am so grateful for this time to finally be done with the fiasco of packing and cleaning and the difficulty of good-byes.  I've slept like I'm repairing a weary body in the two days we've been here.  oh.... such... a gift.  

Sunday morning we fly out for Korea for a 14-hour layover.  We have a hotel package thrown in from our airline b/c the flight schedule changed and they extended the layover time.  We love you Korean Air.   Tuesday we'll be home in China.

I think I feel like this every time we take off for a big new season, but it strikes me still:  I am so aware of how we go forward in weakness.  I would have loved to rest up, read up and figure out all my sin so that I could go back to China a more patient, gentle mama and friend.  But alas, I am still a sinner.  A cracked pot.  And I pray that Christ will somehow shine beautifully as Savior in my I Very Much Need a Savior life.   I think again of what her pastor called her at my mama's funeral:  "a trophy of God's grace."  I long for my life to display like hers the goodness and gladness of how greatly my Savior saves, and how beautifully he loves.... even me.  

Thank you so much for praying for us as we go dear friends!!

The hotel pool was super cold so here's all four kiddos in a warm-up bath back in our room.  Really, it was a fun time!

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  1. We were so glad to get the chance to see you during your time in the States!

    I love the look on John's face in that bathtub picture :)