Monday, February 4, 2013


Such grace to grow our family under such legacies of love!  We are blessed beyond words to be in this family!
We got a scrumptious brunch before the K patriarch and matriarch headed home!  (Thank you Dale and Mary!!)
just these two for a sled ride together
I've fallen behind on picture-taking and posting lately.  But I am so grateful to have a few shots of some of the people that we are so incredibly blessed to call our friends and family.  Grandma Marian made a pillow for me of my most special maternity clothes...  a keepsake to cherish!  Thank you!!  And there was the momentous apple pie baking lesson too.  Yum Yum!!  We love you Harold & Marian!

 These people, these pictures bring me to tears.... and there are so many more friends I'm thinking of that I've missed getting pics of. Oh we are ridiculously blessed to know YOU.

one favorite moment of mine:  this little skater, blind-foldedwith one roller blade on. (I'm not sure which of the twins this is!)  All 8 big kids spent hours together skating the loop around the kitchen-dining-living room.
oh to be there again.... these friends!  this sweet table of joy!
The littlest skater.... these silly "skates" were perfect for him:  kept him inching along like he was trying on a pair of shoes that were still tied together and he never complained.  He loved being big enough to play with the big kids!
we painted toes....  and it was almost pretty.
(The girls are beautiful, but the toes, especially our littlest's ones, never could dry before they were mostly wiped wacky!)  
Good thing they got some snow play in before the last day... when it was 29 degrees below zero!
Oh such deep joy to fellowship together with you in Christ... to dream of eternity and worship and service and God's kingdom coming here, now.  We love you dear friends.  

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  1. We are all blessed to know you and were overjoyed to get to spend that time with you! It was all over far too quick but we are thankful and love each one of you. Thank you for sharing these fun pictures. :)