Friday, April 8, 2011

a shower and a swipe of lipstick

A friend of mine once said that she feels like she can tackle her days much better if she just gets herself up and puts on a little lipstick to be ready to face the day.  I'm not a lipstick girl but I'm glad I remembered her wisdom this week.

I had just moaned a little to Matt...  "when am I going to have a brain again, going to feel able to think again and able to initiate with my kids instead of only responding to them?  When am I going to move out of my pajama wardrobe and face days beyond maternity leave?"

Well, I guess that might be as soon as I decide to get up and get dressed.

I tried it this morning and it really has me feeling good.  A shower and early start, dressing as decently as 2.5 weeks post birth allows me and I think I actually crossed a few things off a to-do list this morning... and more importantly, I sat with my kids and looked in their eyes, heard from them, and laughed with them (and at them) and ....  it does feel good.

I'm grateful for this homegrown wisdom and all the friends that have visited us and had to accept the maternity leave version of me...

Note:  it is really cold in our house and not having heat inside makes the 45-50 degrees outside feel colder too.  But really... a girl can dress warmly in other than pjs.  

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